04. How To Produce Your Business Podcast
How to Start a Podcast for your BusinessMarch 12, 2021x
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04. How To Produce Your Business Podcast

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In this episode we'll cover important elements including the name and branding for your show, along with a review of best practices for creating your production plan.

FullCast’s Client Centric Mission

We help results-driven business owners who excel in their industry and are committed to leaving a lasting legacy. We will help them by launching, producing, marketing and supporting their authority-building podcast, while allowing them the freedom to focus on their genius.

The change we want to make is that business owners stop trying to do it all themselves, empower a supportive production partner, and focus on creating compelling and inspiring podcast episodes. We will know we are successful when we are seen as the organization that can help any business owner create consistent, quality podcast content and feel 100% supported and guided through every step of the process at all times.

Past clients have included Olympic medalist Samantha Peszek, K-Swiss, Dun and Bradstreet, MediaMath, Claremont Graduate University, Dr. Stephanie Estima, Taki Moore, Danny Morel. Harry is also a Founding Advisor to the SquadCast team and works in an advisory capacity with PodCave, Headliner, Glystn and Vurbl.

Resources Mentioned

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Hindenburg Journalist - audio editing software

Descript - audio transcription and in-browser editing tool

Episode 156 and Episode 207 - Andrew Mason’s appearances on Podcast Junkies

How to Choose Music for Your Podcast - Pacific Content article

Auphonic.com - free/paid online mastering service

Apple Podcasts Connect - Where to submit your show to Apple Podcasts

ratethispodcast.com/bizcast - Leave a Rating and Review for this show

PodNews Directories - A list of directories you should be submitting your show to

Next Steps

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